Gunite is a dry monolithic refractory material designed for use with dry gun equipment. It usually includes additives to improve adhesive qualities. Gunite is applied with a special machine using air to push the dry (or pre-dampened) gunite through a hose to the nozzle .  The nozzle operator adds the water at the nozzle and has full control of the water-cement ratio. Untitled-5The delivery hose of the mix is generally quite light, as the hose is mostly filled with air containing the mix of guniting material.

Guniting refractory material is still one of the most cost effective methods for installation of complete refractory linings or repair work. Guniting repairs and sealing can be anything from 20mm to 300mm thick. On thicker applications, installation of anchor systems are essential to ensure good integrity

Our Gunite teams have extensive experience in different applications of guniting material and quality of workmanship is among the best in the industry.


When to Gunite:

  • Preferably for linings < 300mm
  • Suitable for smaller jobs
  • General sealing work
  • On refractories  that can handle higher water content
  • Installations where longer drying-out times can be afforded
  • Where Lower density and higher porosity will not cause a problems
  • In ducting systems to protect structures