Material Conveying

Material Conveying


1.Uelzener Estromat 260E for Refractory Pneumatic Pump | 2.Allentown2200 Shotcrete Pump


– CRS uses bulk materials in many refractory processes. Pneumatic conveying systems not only reduce installation time, it also reduce manpower requirements  and help to create a much safer, cleaner work environment.

To  reduce standing time during repair CEFRATEC REFRACTORY SERVICES invested in Uelzener pneumatic and putzmeister pumps for refractory material as well as  an Alltown2200 shotcrete pump.

The ESTROMAT 260 has been especially developed as a pressure vessel machine for the processing of refractory materials for the supply of casting ladles, blast furnace troughs and runners etc. Refractory materials with high densities and low water contents of 4 – 6 % usually are not or extremely difficult to process by conventional pumping systems.

This 380V pump has a conveying capacity up to 3m³ per  hour and a conveying range of 40 meters. The self mixing systems also eliminate the need for a pan mixer and saves time and money.

High volume self flow material can also be pumped using the Allentown MR2200 Powercreter pump, a high pressure hydraulically powered piston pump for pumping and spraying refractory Shotcrete materials. This machine can deliver between 7 – 12 Tons per hour over a distance of 30m vertically and 80m horizontally, with a batch mixing vessel of 1000kg.