Coke Oven Maintenance

Coke Oven Maintenance



1.Ceramic welding of cracks in oven Wall. | 2.Ceramic welding to repair cracks in oven Wall | 3.Coke oven walls after end-flue rebuild

– CRS has extensive knowledge in coke oven maintenance and oven rebuilding.   Amongst  our coke oven teams we have more than 20 years experience in coke oven operation and maintenance.

CRS provides  a turnkey oven rebuild and repair service, which stretches from small panel repairs to  4-wall end-flue and thru- wall rebuild projects.  Wall rebuild  can be from the foundation through the corbell to the roof or from the floor through the roof, which include removal and installation of all mechanical components


Other coke oven services Include:

  • Ceramic Welding, which is used for hot repairs on oven walls to prevent leaks from the oven chamber to the flue channel, caused by cracks and spalls.
  • Component replacement such as charging holes, standpipe rings flue caps  etc.
  • Cutting of walls with sand blasting
  • Mechanical maintenance such as the replacement of header plates, luting-frames, armour plates etc
  • Material handling with telescopic fork lifts
  • Grouting  and repair of oven floors
  • Roof repair through casting and building
  • Casting of oven doors, accession pipes and charging hole frames
  • Guniting to seal cracks in charging holes, jambs, lintels etc
  • High pressure cleaning of coke oven pipes
  • Refractory material supply